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Darksiders 3 update brings the old combat mode to make it easier

Published: 10:56, 21 December 2018
THQ Nordic
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Darksiders 3 has found itself under fire from some critics, along with some users due to the combat system that took a step away from the previous titles in the franchise. The newest update brought the old system back, along with bug fixes.

Darksiders 3 turned out to be a bit too hard for some players, and reviewers stated the game tried to emulate Dark Souls type of combat. Many took issue with having to time their attacks due to not being able to dodge while an attack animation was running.

With the patch #2, players will be able to choose between Classic and Default combat styles. Classic combat style will be the same we saw in Darksiders and Darksiders 2, where animation canceling will be possible when using dodge. On top of that, items can be used instantly instead of losing a little bit of time when using healing consumables. It is kind of like removing the time needed to use an Estus Flask in Dark Souls.

Other than those two changes, the Classic combat mode should have no effect on game difficulty. Granted, animation canceling is a huge difficulty change, since it will be easier to dodge the devastating attacks made by the game's well-crafted bosses.

While difficulty was not directly touched on, the Classic combat style and the Echo Mark that was added to Vulgrim should make Darksiders 3 a lot easier. The mark will be an item that will allow players to re-spec by refunding the spent attribute points.

To put the cherry on top, the level cap is now raised to 200, with an experience rebalance after level 80. Gunfire Games didn't specify what these changes entailed though.

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As it stands now, Darksiders 3 should be more accessible to new players who are not looking for a hardcore experience. Those who liked the game as it were may find issue with the level cap changes, but the re-spec item should be a welcome feature for both the hardcore and casual audience.

You can read the full update notes on the .

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