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Darksiders 3 ditches the original formula, polarises reviewers

Published: 14:02, 27 November 2018
THQ Nordic
Picture of Fury from Darksiders 3 by THQ Nordic
Darksiders 3

THQ Nordic and Gunfire Games took a somewhat different direction with Darksiders 3, focusing more on combat and making the game a bit more Souls-like. As a result, the game's reviews now range from comparisons with Fallout 76 to accolades.

Before jumping into the contradicting reviews, here are a few things reviewers seem to universally agree on. First, Darksiders 3 is filled with bugs that will need to be fixed in a post-launch update and second, the level design takes a bit from the first game, making it feel a bit out of space or time.

When it comes to actual grading from reviewers on Metacritic, they gave Darksiders 3 grades as low as 20/100 from GameRant and as high as 90/100 from AreaJugones and God is a Geek. The large discrepancy comes from some outlets praising the focus on combat that borrows heavily from Souls series, albeit with no stamina bar.

Meanwhile, those who rated Darksiders 3 lower lament the removal of depth in puzzles, character design and even storytelling. This resulted in Darksiders 3 having mixed-to-high scores on all platforms - 72/100 on and with a somewhat lower 65/100 aggregate score on .

Interestingly enough, GameSpot the game 4/10, same as Fallout 76 but almost no else agrees with this rating. Aggregate scores on Metacritic for Fallout 76 were notably lower, standing at 55/100 for PC, 51/100 for PS4 and 49/100 for Xbox One.

IGN gave the game 7/10, the combat challenge that Darksiders 3 introduced to the series, but mentioning it does suffer from some issues, like the graphics that are not exactly stunning.

Eurogamer didn't rate the game on the site, as per their custom, but the game did get an aggregate  score on OpenCritic and it seems like the contributor who did Eurogamer's  participated in the process there too.

THQ Nordic Picture of Fury smashing something in Darksiders 3 Darksiders 3 - FURY SMASH

Speaking of OpenCritic, it is a cross-platform review aggregator whose rating for Darksiders 3 is based on 55 reviews at the time of writing. The website also posted a disclaimer stating that critics disagree more than usual about Darksiders 3.

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