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THQ Nordic show off new Darksiders 3 gameplay and a new Hollow

Published: 12:16, 03 October 2018
THQ Nordic
Picture of Fury in her Force Hollow form in Darksiders 3
Darksiders 3 - Force Hollow

THQ Nordic have decided to show off another one of Fury's forms, or Hollows, in a Darksiders 3 gameplay video. This Hollow is named Force, turns Fury purple, transforms Scorn into a hammer and gives it katamari ball's adhesive powers.

Force Hollow is the second of four Hollow that Fury will have in total, marking it the third actual form as she has a base form with Scorn acting as a bladed whip with the four Hollows apparently transforming the weapon to better fit their style. For example, the turns Scorn into fiery maces while Force will make it a two-handed hammer.

It seems to fit the brutish combat style as the hammer attacks shown in the trailer seem heavy, slow and hit really hard. The official description bellow the video states that "Fury can shatter her enemy's defences and inflict severe damage" but doesn't mention anything about the drawbacks, which could easily be the slow moves she gets.

Probably in order to compensate for the speed, Scorn will be able to attract energy, rubble and even enemies. It is unknown if these will be usable as a temporary shield but it has been confirmed that Fury will be able to release the clutter Scorn collects in an explosive fashion.

The pseudo-magnetic effect seems to be rather popular lately, with Katamary Damacy being the talk of the town for the past few weeks and now Fury getting similar abilities. While Katamari Damacy was initially released in 2004, there was also a hilarious  where Dovakhiin apparently got hold of Scorn's Force powers.

THQ Nordic Picture of Fury smashing something in Darksiders 3 Darksiders 3 - FURY SMASH

Force Hollow trailer's description also states that Fury can maintain this magnetic force for a while, allowing her to levitate and therefore navigate spaces that would presumably be unreachable in base and Flame Hollow forms.

Considering that Darksiders 3 is set to release on 27 November 2018, it is safe to say that THQ Nordic will release the remaining two Hollow trailers in a shorter time span than they did Flame and Force. The gap between these two was three months, but with barely over one month until release, we could even expect these trailers on a bi-weekly basis.

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