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Crysis' biggest graphical overhaul mod is now available for download

Published: 09:22, 16 July 2020
Updated: 09:24, 16 July 2020
Crysis Enhanced Edition screenshot showing gorgeous beach
Crysis Enhanced Edition

Crysis Enhanced Edition, a major graphical overhaul mod which was initially available for Patreon members, can now be downloaded for free. The mod brings 8K textures, improved particles, lightning, and reflections.

Crytek recently delayed their upcoming Crysis Remastered Edition due to poor feedback from players who were not impressed by the visual improvements in the new version of the game. The game still does not have a release date but Crytek will share more details very soon.

And while we wait for the fully-fledged remaster of the iconic shooter, there is another major visual upgrade that is worth your attention. Named Crysis Enhanced Edition, this mod brings several improvements to the original game and it is completely free.

Originally the mod was only available for Patreon members but the modders decided to release it for free so everyone can enjoy Crysis with fancy new graphics, while they wait for the Remastered version.

Moddb Crysis screenshot showing lush plants and a beach Crysis Enhanced Edition brings a ton of new improvements

Crysis Enhanced Edition mod brings almost entirely new 8K, 4K and 2K textures, added Screen Space reflections for water, new particles, better shadows, lighting and much more. Here is the breakdown of the mod:

  • 8k/4k/2k textures.
  • Screen Space reflections for water.
  • Reworked particles ( in density and quality), which now can emit lights. 
  • Grass shadows - Indirect sky lighting and improved indoors lighting (baked indirect lighting).
  • Improved material simulation.
  • Cloud Shadows.
  • Real-time Ocean Reflections.
  • Improved Edge AA, which now smoothes regular aliasing too, and added a temporal AA shader. 
  • Added Lens flares.
  • Added rain splash on the water when raining.

You can download the mod here.

Crysis Remastered

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Crysis Remastered

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