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Crysis battle-royale game footage appears online in Halo 4 leak style

Published: 14:00, 09 March 2021
Screenshot from the leaked video of crysis battle royale game
Screenshot from the leaked video

A video that reportedly shows gameplay footage of rumoured Crysis battle-royale game has surfaced online. Interestingly, the video is a recreation of the iconic Halo 4 multiplayer leak.

Rumours about a Crysis battle-royale game have been floating around the social media and gaming forums for several months but Crytek are yet to officially announce such a game. Some reports suggested that the project has been cancelled but today, we have our first gameplay thanks to a video on YouTube, titled Crysis Battlegrounds.

In case you just watched the video and nothing makes any sense, let us explain it. The video is a recreation of the iconic Halo 4 multiplayer leak which has been recorded on a VHS with some trash music in the background. 

The quality of the footage is quite bad, actually, it makes the recent Elden Ring gameplay leak look like crispy clear 4K but still you can see that the gameplay is in the third person and there are some interesting climbing and jumping mechanics. 

Twitter artwork showing Crysis Next character Leaked artwork of Crysis Next

Furthermore, whoever leaked the footage seems to be taking a dig at Crytek executives. Several times during the video the person playing the game is killed "by underpaid Crytek employee". 

As you may recall, in 2014, reports surfaced that Crytek had missed wage payments and withheld bonuses for the company's employees and that as a result, a number of employees had filed grievances and refused to report to work. Crytek denied thee accusations at that time. 

The company are trying to get back on track with new releases like Crysis Remastered and their hybrid battle royale Hunt: Showdown. There are also rumours about a brand new Crysis game but take those with a grain of salt.

Crysis Remastered

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Crysis Remastered

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