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Crysis Remastered PC patch 1.1.0 adds lean option, Classic Nanosuit controls and more

Published: 15:26, 25 September 2020
Crysis Remastered screenshot
Crysis Remastered

Crysis Remastered's PC patch 1.1.0 brings a ton of bug fixes and improvements but also some brand new features such as option to lean, classic Nanosuit controller options and much more.

A visually enhanced version of the iconic Crysis game from 2007, Crysis Remastered has received a major patch, which adds a lot of missing features but also fixes a lot of annoying bugs. One of the features that was added is the option to lean.

The original game allowed players to lean and take their enemies down while in cover but the Remastered version did not include the feature for unknown reasons. However, it is now officially in the game just like a qucik throw button for explosives and classic Nanosuit controller options. Here's the full list of new additions:

  • Added option to lean into the game.
  • Added controls to lean.
  • Adjusted mouse sensitivity based on community feedback.
  • Added more trees to level Sphere.
  • Added more trees to level Harbor.
  • Added new keybind options for weapons.
  • Added quick throw button for explosives.
  • Added Classic Nanosuit controller options.
  • Added suit shortcuts to Classic Nanosuit mode.

Crytek Crysis Remastered screenshot Crysis Remastered

On top of this, the patch brings a lot of bug fixes and other improvements such as SS shadowing and some ray-tracing related fixes. You can find the full patch notes  here. 

Crysis Remastered

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Crysis Remastered

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