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Crusader Kings 3 Royal Courts will have actual jobs rather than titles

Published: 05:25, 15 September 2021
Paradox Interactive
Crusader Kings 3 - A king staring menacingly at you.
Heavy is the head that wears the crown, and we may feel the weight even more, soon enough

In the update that will launch alongside the Royal Court expansion, Paradox will introduce Court Positions - which can be seen as an evolution of CK2’s Minor Titles with a number of new improvements.

Court Positions include a number of different positions, such as a Court Tutor, or Seneschal. Most positions imply that the appointed character has an actual job at your court and provides you with their services. That doesn’t mean Paradox haven’t added any of the classical honorary positions though. Expect to also be able to appoint a Master of the Hunt, Master of the Horse, or, if you are playing as England, a Keeper of the Swans.

Each position will provide you with a set of bonuses, mostly in the form of various modifiers, but certain positions have more interesting benefits as well. For example, a Court Tutor increases the chances for children at your court to receive a better education trait.

Not all characters are equally fit to serve in any given position. Their skills and traits have a significant impact on how good they are at their job. This is reflected in their Aptitude. A position uses one or several skills, such as Learning for a Court Physician, which is the main factor for what Aptitude a character will have.

Each position also has a number of traits that may increase, or even decrease, their Aptitude further. Aptitude is measured on a scale in five steps, ranging from terrible to excellent. The higher the Aptitude is, the greater the benefit. Let’s look at Seneschal as an example. A character with the lowest Aptitude will only grant you a Control Growth bonus of +0.1, while a character with the highest possible Aptitude will give you +0.5.

Paradox Interactive The most important job on any court really The most important job on any court really

Unlike CK2, hiring a character for a position is actually going to cost you, as each Court Position has an associated salary that you will be paying for out of your own pocket. While the salary for any given position won’t be very expensive, they will stack up. You’ll have to make a decision on how much gold you are willing to spend on all of your appointed positions, and if the characters you have available are skilled enough to warrant the salary.

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