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Conqueror's Blade August patch notes focus on quality of life

Published: 04:56, 12 August 2021
China was the last stop before the world stage for Conqueror's Blade
China was the last stop before the world stage for Conqueror's Blade

If you've watched any video on YouTube that is remotely connected to videogames or history, you must have stumbled onto a Conqueror's Blade ad. The patch changes show that the developers are prepping the game for newcomers.

Conqueror's Blade is a free-to-play, massively multiplayer online real-time tactics game developed by Chinese studio Booming Games, published by in Russia and in Europe and North America, and published by Booming Games in South America, MENA, Asia, and Pacific.

The game has been out since early 2019 and has seen its fair share of dry patches of players, as well as times of high traffic.

It would appear that now, as the game has come into its own as a competitive game, developers are looking to expand. The core of the game has been fully fleshed out, the balance has been achieved, a loyal community has been gathered, and the in-game world established.

Now, with their marketing working full steam on promoting the game, it's time to polish the rough edges, and make it easier for new players to join.

My.Com Conqueror's Blade - Simplified Recruitment options Conqueror's Blade - Simplified Recruitment options

The following changes go to prove that point, as they are all focused on quality of life, that veteran players, most likely, do not even take into consideration anymore:

  • Cross-region Migration Tokens may now be used to migrate to Maoyang.
  • The Town Crier NPC is now available in the Trade Colonies.
  • The beginner main quest “In The Field” requirement for completion has been changed to include gathering on any resource site. 
  • Warlords who have already completed this quest may once again undertake it.
  • Made adjustments to the UI in cities, player nameplates may now be blocked by the environment such as buildings.
  • Added a tab for House Member information.
  • Added a feature to join a group by clicking the link on the World Channel.

Hopefully, these efforts will not fall short, and Conqueror's Blade will come into the more mainstream limelight.

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