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Conqueror's Blade season 8 tournament coming soon

Published: 02:05, 31 July 2021
Season 8 tournament awaits
Season 8 tournament awaits

Conqueror’s Blade prominent tournament host Corto is once again hosting a Siege Battle tournament. Players are encouraged to join and win glory and various prizes for themselves.

Starting from July 30, players can apply to join the tournament with their team's information.

The CorTournament S8 features a double-elimination format, and battles will take place across five maps chosen by team leaders, where Artillery is forbidden, and Warlords are subject to a death limit. Team leaders will also be able to ban a Unit in each match.

In the event of a tie, the tiebreak battle will feature no 5-Star Cavalry, no Artillery, and no Warlord death limit.

Matches will take place every Friday starting August 13, the official starting date of the tournament.

The rewards are as follows:

First place will receive 2300 Sovereigns, a 7-day premium account, and a first-place unit banner.

Second place will receive 1100 Sovereigns, a 7-day premium account, and a second-place unit banner.

While the third place will receive 525 Sovereigns, a 7-day premium account, and a third-place unit banner.

The application period ends on August 10, so don't let this opportunity fall through your fingers. Conqueror's Blade defensive siege Conqueror's Blade defensive siege

The tournament matches will be streamed for everyone else who wishes to join in on the fun but doesn't see themselves as a competitive type. If the previous tournaments are an indication, they will definitely be worth the watch.

For the prospective participants, follow the advice developers have given to you in another of their posts, act as if you are at the Olympics, give it your all, and enjoy the competition process.

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