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Skyforge coming to PlayStation 4 this spring

Published: 16:17, 15 February 2017
Updated: 16:21, 15 February 2017
Skyforge (Switch)
Skyforge (Switch)

Developed by Allods Team and Obsidian Entertainment the MMORPG is coming to PlayStation 4 in the spring 2017

Skyforge has been available for PC in an open beta version since 2015. PlayStation blog announced today that the game is on its way to the console and will arrive in March this year. When it lands on the PS4 the game will have the same features as its PC version.

Recent regarding the relationship between Mail.Ru and Obsidian Entertainment, may be the reason the Obsidian name is missing in the announcement trailer.

YouTube Skyforge YouTube Skyforge

Since the game is still in open beta on PC there are no indications of whether it will get a full release for PlayStation 4 and PC come March. It is as of yet unknown whether the game will be cross platform or not, but if the comments on the are any indication, the players won't mind either way.

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