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Coalition for App Fairness mobilises North Dakota lawmakers against Apple

Published: 16:31, 17 February 2021
Apple, Epic Games
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Apple, Epic Games

Epic Games have been slowly but surely expanding their frontlines in the war against Apple, and now their co-funded organisation Coalition for App Fairness is hitting the lawmaking front.

It has been reported that the Coalition for App Fairness has been behind North Dakota's recent legislative push, the same one that aims to loosen Google and Apple's grip on mobile app revenue.

The Coalition has proven to be an effective way for smaller developers to be heard and more importantly, to be taken seriously by Google and Apple. 

In addition to safety in numbers, high-profile members like Spotify and Epic certainly instil hope that the tech giants will eventually be held to the same standards as the rest of the free market.

Epic's role in the founding of the organisation is by now public knowledge, but their CEO Tim Sweeney insists that they're neither in control of the Coalition for App Fairness, nor are they interested in disrupting what they claim is an industry-wide initiative against Apple and Google's practices. 

"North Dakota's effort to combat app store monopolies is awesome for consumers and developers. The Coalition for App Fairness organized the outreach, lobbying, and developer participation. Can't take credit for it, but Epic is proud to be a part of it", he tweeted recently. 

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If there's one thing that Epic have demonstrated these past years, other than an insane amount of people being in love with Fortnite, it's that they're no pushovers. The studio has never chosen to prioritise profits over the health and long-term future of the industry that feeds many mouths, both figuratively and literally, which surely has to count for something. Right?

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