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Pokemon GO makes changes to the EX Raid invite criteria

Published: 18:07, 07 February 2018
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Pokemon GO seems to have made some changes to the way players get invited to EX Raids. Many players reported that they got an invite to a gym that's far away from their home. In some cases, players haven't been to the gyms they're invited to since their summer holiday.

Ho-Oh, Niantic did a boo boo. Some serious changes regarding the EX Raid invite criteria have apparently been made and Trainers around the world aren't too pleased. 

Pokemon Go sent out a wave of EX Raid Invites to players on Tuesday, 06 February 2018. This one, however, was different as many players reported that they didn't receive their invite because they didn't meet the criteria that Pokemon Go said was needed to qualify for an invitation.

Niantic New monsters from the Hoenn region in Pokemon GO Pokemon GO

Before getting the invite, players needed to have a high-level Gym Badge at the gym where the EX Raid was to take place and complete at least one recent Raid Battle at that same gym. Until now. This time around, players have received invites to EX Raids set to go down at gyms they haven't visited in months, or have visited but never raided.

Pokemon GO's EX Raids officially launched in November 2017, as a way for players to get a chance to battle Mewtwo. Unlike the everyday raids, the EX Raids only pop up at a limited number of gyms and require .

At a glance, the change seems to be for the better but players who have received the latest invites have complained that their invites are located hours away from their home or even in other countries where they vacationed at over the summer.

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A fun coincidence is that the new EX Raid invites went out on 06 February 2018, a date which is known as Mewtwo's birthday. Might this switcheroo be a fun way to celebrate the powerful Pokemon's birthday?

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