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Capcom pulls Street Fighter V ads mere weeks after adding them

Published: 22:59, 27 December 2018
Falke looks like a bdsm mistress in her black costume for Street Fighter V.
Street Fighter V - Falke's black costume

Capcom recently added advertisements to Street Fighter V Arcade Edition which prompted a backlash against the company. Now they have removed the addition nobody wanted, as they apparently heard the complaints of the SFV player base.

Capcom pulled a few controversial moves lately, one which was adding adverts to Street Fighter V that many players paid the full price for and then additional money for microtransactions or season pass. This prompted a major outcry in the community and now it seems like they finally listened.

For some, the ads weren't a big deal when they appeared during loading screens, but they were still an eyesore as they have been pasted to characters in a manner that was anyhting but fashionable. To make matters worse, the ads appeared on some costumes and even stage backgrounds.

Players were given an option to not show the ads, but this caused them to earn less Fight Money, which is the in-game currency, used for purchasing costumes and new characters. Turning ads on would add 12 Fight Money per match for players, which is basically spare change, since one single costume stands at 40.000 Fight Money, while a new character costs 100.000.

The only part of the sponsored content that seems to remain in the game is one of the costumes, but even that gives players an error message, probably meaning it's a leftover that the Capcom staff didn't clean up in the initial ad sweep.

Capcom removed the ads from Street Fighter V silently, with no pomp, announcement or even context. Likewise, they didn't even state whether the ads will return at some point, but they mention they monitored the player feedback about the apparent feature.

Capcom Picture of Cammy in pants for the first time in the history of the world Street Fighter V - Cammy has pants

Rest assured, if Capcom indeed listened to players and removed ads for that reason, they will likely never appear again, lest the company provokes the ire of the already aggravated player base. Until then, enjoy the ad-less fight fest.

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Street Fighter V - Abigail

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