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BLADE XLORD is available to download via the App Store and Google Play

Published: 14:37, 21 April 2020

BLADE XLORD is now available to download in US and Canada. The RPG game developed by Applibot features a high fantasy story, idle options and a bunch of allies to choose from.

BLADE XLORD - a story-driven, hero-collecting RPG is now available on iOS and Android devices all across US and Canada, courtesy of Applibot.

The game's story sees evil troops led by the wicked Quo Vadis invade the Languin Kingdom, laying waste to its castle and leaving the land in ruin. Framed for treason and forced into exile, heroes Ryde and Meryl seek to repair their home and restore justice to the world.

The players will need to recruit allies and wage war against Quo Vadis. There will be 32 character classes and 64 weapons to choose from. The players will then lead their assembled forces against 18 bosses. The battles can be controlled manually or using BLADE XLORD’s auto-battle mode.

BLADE XLORD’s idle game elements will provide auto-loop options as well. The players will be able to set up their heroes to repeat completed missions and replay levels until they reach a chosen limit or their party fails to emerge victorious.

BLADE XLORD features competitive Ranking Events and those who rise to the top 10 will earn the title of Decaknight in new events.

"BLADE XLORD’s goal is to provide something for everyone: an emotional high fantasy story for RPG fans, idle options for the busiest among us, and challenges for our most competitive players," said Kazunari Ebihara, Producer "Our Japanese fans have enjoyed this combination, and we are confident our new fans in the United States and Canada will become hooked as well."

BLADE XLORD is now available on the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android, with English language text support and Japanese voice acting.

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