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Blade & Soul kicks off Soul Resurgence as it celebrates sixth anniversary

Published: 15:07, 20 January 2022
Blade & Soul
Blade & Soul

Blade & Soul has launched the Soul Resurgence update in celebration of  the sixth anniversary, bringing along an associated event, special drops and more.

Blade & Soul: Soul Resurgence has brought multiple anniversary goodies for the fans of the game but it's worth noting that the Soul Fighter characters got their third specialisation as well. The Way of the Divine Hand spec will become available to anyone who completed the Legacy of the Hongmoon Clan quest.

As for the anniversary celebration, players can pick up Keys from the Candycloud on the Horizon quest until February 9, 2022, on top of gaining them from doing daily quests and challenges.

Anniversary Gifts can be obtained by completing Dojagi's quest in Jadestone village and they will award even more keys. These chests will also contain Anniversary Coins and additional cosmetic goodies.

Sixth Year Festival is a separate event that will let players earn Festival Coins from Anniversary Gifts, login rewards, daily dungeon quests and weekly challenges. 

Besides those two, Soul Boost semi-annual event that allows players to kick their gear score up through the dungeons. The event is already going on and it will be available until June 8, 2022, leaving you with just under half a year left to enjoy it.

Across the four stages of quests and rewards, players will be able to complete a number of activities in order. You will have to complete some of them to unlock the next one but the payout includes items to upgrade equipment and boost Hongmoon Mastery, as well as Unity Levels.

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