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BioWare reveal what to expect from Anthem's upcoming demo

Published: 10:21, 22 January 2019
Bazaar in Anthem
Anthem - The opening scene of the trailer goes from a desert situated bazaar into a deep forest.

In anticipation of the upcoming demo of BioWare's shooter, Anthem's executive producer Mark Darrah posted a list of things that will differ from the full game, such as no tutorials or pilot pickers, different balance and economy, etc.

Those who preordered Anthem's demo will get first dibs, starting on 25 January 2019, which is BioWare and EA's way of rewarding players for their trust. The rest will have to wait until 01 February 2018, when the demo will be available to everyone.

BioWare have made quite a few tweaks to Anthem's demo, starting with the fact that there are no tutorials or pilot pickers. Gameplay will be limited to a single story arc, with Darrah adding that "the mission/stronghold/freeplay balance will be off a bit".

Unfortunately for the master race, Anthem's demo will feature "slightly less nuanced PC controls", although we're unsure exactly to what extent. Darrah's wording suggests that PC controls will run just fine, with the full version simply expanding on them, but we guess we'll see soon enough. 

Other than the aforementioned tweaks, the changes seem to be aimed at giving players a proper taste of the game without revealing too much, or too little for that matter.

According to Darrah, Anthem's demo starts players "in the middle" and will sport "super different" balance. Furthermore, it will feature a "completely different" economy, which is probably tailored to suit the demo format.

Darrah also mentioned that they "renamed a few things for clarity in the main game" but we're yet to learn what those are exactly.

BioWare still haven't published the official map but thanks to some patient users who eagle-eyed the company's recent live stream, you can check out the map , albeit without the top part.

Reddit picture showing a map Anthem's map

The company also confirmed that consoles will not be churning out , regardless of whether they're Pro or X editions of Sony's and Microsoft's respective consoles, as BioWare focused on visuals, i.e. 4K resolution at steady 30 FPS. Anthem's lead producer Michael Gamble mentioned that they may look to prioritise frame rate "maybe as a future thing", but we've plenty to go until then.

You can find Darrah's tweet in question .

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