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Battlestate Games shares 12.12 patch stats for Escape from Tarkov

Published: 14:32, 01 July 2022
Survival ratio shows how difficult the game is
Survival ratio shows how difficult the game is

Developers have shared some interesting stats, mostly player related, regarding the last wipe.

It is not often that developers share in-game stats with the public. Battlestate Games are no different and some stats like player count are still unknown, as the game is not available via any other platform other than Battlestate Launcher, so it's almost impossible to measure.

But earlier today, Battlestate Games posted some interesting statistics from the last wipe, which can help us paint the picture of the player base size.

As we wrote in a Should you choose BEAR vs USEC article , the last wipe had a significant difference in numbers of USECs and BEARs. A staggering 68% of players choose USEC while only 32% choose BEAR. The reason for this vast difference was probably the introduction of Rogues at the beginning of the last wipe, who aren't hostile to USEC players by default, so players choose safety on Lighthouse above everything else.

The total number of kills by PMC players is 284 million, with USEC getting 69% of the kills while BEAR got 31%. (1 percent difference between kills and count ratio).

Scav violence seems to be reduced with the implementation of Scav Karma, but not gone, as Scavs killed over 74 million players. Interestingly, Scav A.I. accounts for 20% of those kills, which is not a low number, taking into account that they run in low-tier gear, and the gear difference increases exponentially during the wipe.

The total number of players who achieved max Strength was 51642, while the number of players who reached max Endurance was 116 055.

As for the pre-wipe stats, 1.4 million characters entered the Lab map while it was free to enter. That number shows that pre-wipe events attract a lot of players back. (not unique players but unique raids by player)

Players have extracted 349 thousand times safely during the week, 277 000 were at the Labs, which just shows how difficult the game is, as the number of entries for Labs was 5 times more.

The stats also show that 198 000 USECs survived the raid while 817 000 perished, and 78 000 BEARs were extracted from the raid while 311 000 died.

It is unfortunate that they didn't disclose the total number of unique players who played this wipe, but the number is north of 100 000, as we saw playing queues last wipe going over 100 thousand.

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