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Battlefield 6 reveal date teased by mysterious YouTube channel

Published: 10:13, 15 February 2021
Updated: 10:20, 15 February 2021
screenshot from battlefield 4 showing a soldier on snowy mountain
Battlefield 4: Final Stand

A mysterious YouTube channel "Phase 3 now active" is teasing Battlefield 6 reveal date. The latest video on the channel suggests that the trailer is coming on March 23, 2021.

Battlefield fans are trying to decrypt a series of videos which appeared on a mysterious YouTube channel named "Phase 3 now active". This channel is seemingly teasing Battlefield 6 news and the reveal of the game. The Battlefield community assume this is a start of the marketing campaign for Battlefield 6, meaning that EA or Dice are behind this channel.

The channel has a number six on the profile picture and Battlefield Twitch channel and news website linked on the profile. Furthermore, a mysterious message can be found Under the "About" section: "Only the elite will step into the future first."

A couple of days ago, a brand new video has been uploaded to the channel, showing footage of Battlefield 4's Propaganda map as well as some interesting audio in the Russian language. YouTube user Daim Mak tried to translate the dialogue and found its origin. Apparently, the audio is from "intercepted communications of Russian jets with the base during the attack on Ukrainian ships in Kerch Strait in 2018".

In one of the previous videos, we hear "recorded communications between Russian troops and base in first Chechen war in 1996".

YouTube Screenshot from the video showing a russian soldier Screenshot from the video

The video ends with a Twitch logo and March 23, 2021 date, which suggests an announcement trailer is coming in just over a month.

At the time of writing, these clues are yet to be deciphered but it's safe to say that everything points out to a modern-day setting for Battlefield 6. However, it's worth mentioning that the content on this channel could be just some fan-made stuff so take everything with a grain of salt. 

Some reliable sources have already confirmed that Battlefield VI will be set in the modern-day and for more on that and some other details, check out our earlier articles below:

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