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Batman: Gotham Knights gets announcement and official gameplay trailer

Published: 18:30, 22 August 2020
Warner Bros.
Batman: Gotham Knights logo
Batman: Gotham Knights

Just as was rumoured, Warner Bros. Montreal waited for DC Fandome to announce the new Batman game and, again as rumoured, it's called Batman: Gotham Knights.

WB have been teasing the reveal for some time, culminating with yesterday's tease, all of which combined into a big map of Gotham City and unequivocally confirmed the setting of the new game. Not that there was any doubt there, but still. 

As for the Batman: Gotham Knights trailer, it sets up a story that seems to feature everyone but the titular hero, Batman himself. Whether this is just part of the story is unclear, but it sure looks like players will play as everyone except Batman. 

Batman: Gotham Knights feature Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing and Red Hood, who will be taking up Bruce Wayne's mantle and protecting Gotham from its enemies. Commissioner Gordon's death means that police can't be counted upon anymore, so it's all about the new generation of caped crusaders. 

The trailer also confirms the bad guys in Batso's latest instalment, who have also been previously teased by Warner Bros. Of course, we're talking about the Court of Owls, Gotham City's mysterious organisation that supposedly controls everything from the shadows.

Which doesn't mean that Batman's colourful cast of antagonists is strictly reserved for the Court of Owls, mind you. The trailer above has glimpses of Mr. Freeze, but who needs glimpses when you can check out gameplay. 

Batman: Gotham Knights can be played solo or in two-player co-op mode, and from what we've seen in the trailers - it's pretty much the same formula players could've seen in Rocksteady's Arkham series, except with a new cast and some shiny new garments. 

Batman: Gotham Knights by Warner Bros. Montreal studio

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Batman: Gotham Knights

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