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WB Games Montreal are teasing a new Batman game

Published: 07:05, 23 September 2019
Updated: 07:11, 23 September 2019
Warner Bros
Batman looking over a devastated part of town
Rocksteady Studios, Batman: Arkham Knight

In celebration of 80 years of the Dark Knight, WB Games Montreal shared a video which shows bat-signal lightning up a building but a mysterious logo, which looks like an owl, cuts the video every few seconds.

Fans of the Batman Arkham series have been waiting for more than four years for the next game from Rocksteady Studios and WB Games Montreal and still, there is no official confirmation from the developer of publisher Warner Bros that the next instalment in the beloved Batman franchise is coming.

The only thing we got in the last several months are a couple of teases and rumours, which suggest that the devs are indeed working on a new game, which will apparently feature an organized crime group and secret society from the comic book - Court of Owls.

Today, WB Games Montreal teased the new game via their official Twitter. They posted a short video in celebration of 80 years of the Dark Knight, in which a bat-signal is lightning up a building but every few seconds the video is glitched and mysterious logos show up on the screen. You can take a look at these logos below.

As you may notice, they are completely different but to us, it looks like all of them resemble an owl. The last logo is pretty demonic and if these are indeed a tease for the theme of the next game, we're up for a quite a story.

Another clue that gives this theory more fuel is the fact that comic book legend Scott Synder tweeted and quickly deleted a reply to WB Games' video, which included the hashtag “beware the court of owls”. Synder is the author of  Batman Vol. 1: The Court of Owls, so he probably knows a lot more about the game than we do at the moment.

Warner Bros An assailant jumping at DC's Batman from Batman: Arkham Knight Batman: Arkham Knight

With Sony's State of Play coming this week it wouldn't be surprising to see the announcement for the next Batman game during the live stream. There is also The Game Awards show incoming, which is another big event if WB Games Montreal and Warner Bros plan to reveal their game soon.

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