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Jump Force open beta may be extended due to server issues

Published: 16:45, 18 January 2019
Updated: 19:21, 18 January 2019
Bandai Namco Entertainment
Ichigo and Rukia colliding in Jump Force.
Jump Force

Jump Force open beta has kicked off today on both PS4 and Xbox One, but it hasn't got off to a brilliant start as the experience has been riddled with connection issues. Bandai Namco announced that they may extend the beta as compensation.

Anime gaming fans from all around the world have patiently been waiting on the Jump Force to commence. And starting today, the open beta is underway on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One during these . PC players, as already announced, will have to wait for the full version to give the game a whirl.

However, even though the beta played smoothly for some players today, there are others who didn't get the chance to experience the fast-paced action of Jump Force due to connection problems. Server issues were present on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in almost all regions, so it's safe to assume that the issue is on Bandai Namco's end.

And indeed, that assumption is correct. On the official Jump Force twitter, a  was posted explaining Bandai Namco's plans regarding this dreadful situation that prevented numerous players from taking part in the open beta.

The tweet is written in Japanese, but thanks to Google Translate, we were able to roughly translate the message, and it reads: "We apologize that the server became unstable due to a high concentration of users which was more than expected at the first session of the open beta test. We are considering additional events and extension of holding time in the future. We will notify you again as soon as it is decided."

So essentially, the servers were flooded with a lot more users than Bandai Namco were expecting, so the communication errors started happening. It's a pretty common issue really, though we have to say that we did not expect Bandai Namco to underestimate the number of users who would be trying out the open beta given the sheer number of fans interested in the upcoming game. Being completely free to play on both consoles - with no online subscriptions required - massive numbers of players were to be expected.

Bandai Namco Picture of Yugi from Yu-Gi-Oh! in Jump Force Jump Force

To be fair however, Bandai Namco have owned up to their mistakes, and it seems very likely that they will be prolonging the beta event, with more time windows for fans to play in. The server issues may have well been a blessing in disguise because a lot of players were complaining that the open beta times did not fit their own, private schedule, and so they couldn't be around to play.

If Bandai Namco do indeed decide to treat their players with at least another day with the open beta, we believe that there would be zero complains about the issues of today, provided that they don't happen again.

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