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Avowed devs are currently working on six projects

Published: 13:45, 24 December 2020
Avowed screenshot showing a castle walls

Obsidian Entertainment, Xbox's first-party studio who are currently busy with their AAA RPG Avowed have another five projects in the works. The teams are developing Grounded, The Outer Worlds DLC, The Outer Worlds 2 and more.

One of the biggest first-party studios of Xbox, Obsidian Entertainment have several projects in the works and most of them are yet to be announced. We heard rumours about The Outer Worlds 2 and some other titles and many RPG fans will certainly be wondering just how it's possible that Obsidian have so many games on their hands at the moment.

Well, not every project is a AAA open-world title like the announced Avowed, which should be coming sometime in late 2022. According to the latest reports and rumours, Obsidian currently have six games in development, both smaller ones and AAA.

Of course, the biggest one is Avowed, which the devs described as the game they always wanted to make. The second big project is a full sequel to The Outer Worlds and there's also a DLC in the works for this player-driven action RPG.

Another game that we know of is Grounded, which released this year in early access. Since the game is far from the final version, a smaller team is probably working on the content right now.

Obsidian Entertainment Picture of Ellie from The Outer Worlds Apparetly, The Outer Worlds 2 is in development

We also know that Pillars of Eternity director Josh Sawyer is working on his non-violent RPG but the details about this project are pretty scarce at the moment. 

And that's about it when it comes to games that we know are in development at Obsidian. As for release dates, we can only guess really, Obisidian did not even mention when exactly we can expect these games so it will probably take a while before their first project sees the light of the day. 

Until then, we are looking forward to hearing and seeing more about Avowed, which certainly looked great in that cinematic trailer.

Avowed, an RPG by Obsidian Entertainment

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