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Apex Legends update accidentally nerfs Mirage's decoys

Published: 20:30, 07 April 2020
Composite of Apex Legends bamboozler next to an overgrown EA logo
Apex Legends - Mirage next to his patron deity

Talk about bamboozling a bamboozler, as Respawn's hefty new update that brought us The Old Ways event along with Bloodhound's Trials has also nerfed Mirage's decoy, which the dev insists is accidental.

If you needed more proof of just how beloved Mirage is, you probably needn't look further, as the complaint was posted on Reddit and spotted by Respawn in no time. 

In the post, Reddit user going by the name cheis_The_Otaku noted that the bamboozler's decoys are meant to be on a 15-second timer. The new update, however, brought it up to 25 seconds, which is quite the increase. 

Respawn probably have their sights set elsewhere, as the response to The Old Ways is really awesome (just try getting into the new Bloodhound area and you'll know what we're talking about). 

Nevertheless, one of the devs still spotted it and replied with brief, "Yes, that was an accident. Working on a fix!"

We certainly understand the frustration of Mirage mains, who probably deserved a slight buff considering his actual viability in higher-level play, but some of the reactions suggesting that the community will riot are a bit over the top. 

Respawn will be monitoring the performance and taking note of the numbers in the following days, so it's safe to assume that the fix won't take overly long. Until then, though, you may want to rethink picking Apex Legends' jolly trickster.  

EA Apex Legends character Bloodhound posing Apex Legends, Bloodhound Town Takeover

Apex Legends' The Old Days event has also brought buffs to Revenant and Lifeline , some rebalancing of weapons and dropped requirements for the Evo Sheld upgrades. 

Last but not least is Kings Canyon, which made its permanent return to Apex Legends via fixed map rotation and whose loot has been turned up a bit

Apex Legends, Season 4: Assimilation, new guns, legend, ammo type and map changes

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