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Apex Legends: The Old Ways rebalances guns, drops Evo Shield requirements

Published: 17:56, 07 April 2020
Apex Legends character Lifeline opening a Blue supply bin
Apex Legends, Lifeline's Blue buff

Apex Legends' new event The Old Ways has landed but it's not just about Bloodhound and Prowlers - there are quite a few other changes. G7 Scout, L-Star and Kraber all got tweaked, and there are some Legends changes too.

If you were looking for more details on The Old Ways and buffs to Revenant and Lifeline, you can check them out in our other piece over here , where you can also find out why Respawn greenlit Duos but not Solos as permanent additions to Apex Legends.

In terms of weapons changes, first up is the G7 Scout, as Respawn clearly found it too powerful in its earlier form. They made the following changes:

  • Reduced headshot scale from 2.0 -> 1.75
  • Reduced leg shot scale from 0.9 -> 0.75
  • Slightly reduced projectile speed

L-Star's changes are not as serious, but they still should reflect on gameplay:

  • LSTAR will reset its viewkick pattern much more quickly to avoid horizontal recoil feeling like it goes in an unpredictable direction while feathering the trigger
  • Reduced time before overheat 2.4 -> 2.2 (25 shots -> 23 shots)

Apex Legends' Kraber enthusiasts rejoice - landing headshots is up from the 2.05 to 3.0 damage multiplier, which means it will still down a fortified character with a level 3 helmet and a full Evo Shield.

EA Apex Legends character Bloodhound posing Apex Legends, Bloodhound Town Takeover

Low Profile legends will now take as much damage from limb shots as from body shots, and Sniper Ammo pickups now contain 8 rounds for an inventory stack size of 16 (down from 10 and 20, respectively). 

Last but not least is one of Apex Legends' latest additions, the Evo Shield, whose requirements have been loosened up somewhat:

  • Blue Armor damage requirement reduced from 100 -> 75
  • Purple Armor damage requirement reduced from 300 -> 150
  • Red Armor damage requirement reduced from 500 -> 400

EA Apex Legends' take on Titanfall's Prowlers Apex Legends - Here kitty, kitty...

You can find the full patch notes on Apex Legends' website .

Apex Legends, Season 4: Assimilation, new guns, legend, ammo type and map changes

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Apex Legends, Revenant

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