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Apex Legends: Kings Canyon loot increased as Lifeline gets new looting abilities

Published: 18:58, 07 April 2020
Apex Legends character Bloodhound posing
Apex Legends, Bloodhound Town Takeover

Although the star of Apex Legends' latest update, The Old Ways, is Bloodhound's Trials and Town Takeover, Respawn snuck in quite a few other changes, such as an increased amount of loot on Kings Canyon.

Of course, the first change Apex Legends players will notice is the new audio track that will grace your progression through The Old Ways Event. 

As for Kings Canyon, you probably know that it's making a permanent return to Apex Legends, but not as a map you can pick. 

Respawn decided that using a map rotation mechanic is for the best, so World's Edge and Kings Canyon will be rotating every hour, as far as we could tell. 

In terms of loot, it seems that Kings Canyon's loot maps aged badly, so Respawn is touching them up. It's impossible to gauge just how much though, as they just wrote, "Increase to the total amount of loot items that spawn in the map."

Data miners have found traces of Blue supply bins a while ago, but it was uncertain whether they're a feature or a specific legend's skill. 

Now we know the recipient is Lifeline, and these bins will come with special compartments that only she can open. In terms of contents, these compartments will contain a mixture of health items, weapon attachments and knockdown shields. 

The days of Wraith's cheesing with portals in Apex Legends' rings of death are done, it seems, as Respawn wrote, "Portals will now disappear after four seconds if both ends are outside the Circle. This change was made to combat players exploiting the Portal to avoid taking damage outside the Ring."

EA Apex Legends character Lifeline opening a Blue supply bin Apex Legends, Lifeline's Blue buff

Amongst other changes are buffs to Revenant, which double the length of his area of effect and Silence effects, as well as rebalancing of several weapons

Apex Legends, Season 4: Assimilation, new guns, legend, ammo type and map changes

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Apex Legends, Revenant

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