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Apex Legends' Third-Person Mode is weird but fun nevertheless

Published: 18:21, 18 January 2020
Apex Legends character Lifeline running away
Apex Legends, Lifeline like you never saw her before!

Grand Soirée, Respawn's latest Apex Legends event, is in full swing and it has just received its third Limited-Time Mode (LTM) - Third-Person Mode. While it's a bit strange seeing your player run around, it's definitely fun.

Respawn really covered all the bases, even ensuring that strapping your character with armour is a visual change too. It takes a bit to get a hang of it, although experienced players shouldn't have trouble with it.

There's no doubt that it's fun, but we're saying that because it's a fleeting LTM rather than a permanent mode. This is one of the additions that had us literally worried, ever since we heard that (TPP) files to Apex Legends. Of course, at the time it looked as if it permanent. 

It's not hard to see our reasoning here - Apex Legends is not Fortnite, nor do we wish it to be. This is not a dig at Epic Games or anything, but rather a wish to preserve the dose of realism that Respawn's battle royale brought to the table. 

By design, TPP inevitably brings the sort of camping-friendly gameplay, allowing players to hug corners and stay hidden, while comfortably looking at unsuspecting passersby. 

Apex Legends, on the other hand, has always relied on the first-person perspective and changing that up, or even offering it as a permanent mode, has numerous implications on the game's meta and player base. 

While it might not be immediately obvious to all players, especially those new to Apex Legends, permanent TPP would turn the entire game on its head, allowing for some questionable strategies to be employed to win matches. 

No, we're not saying camping is not a valid strategy, but allowing others to stalk you from the safety of a corner is not something we'd wish for Apex Legends.

Moreover,  it would split the player base and only exacerbate the issues that players are hoping will be fixed in Season 4. Being an avid fan of Apex Legends, I can say with certainty that playing duos in a trio-based game is really getting frustrating.

EA Apex Legends character Lifeline running away Apex Legends, Lifeline like you never saw her before!

We've talked about this but it bears repeating - running LTMs for two days is almost a confirmation that the dev is testing the waters for the future, and we can't wait to see what's next. After all, back when they announced that Apex Legends hit 70 million players, EA confirmed that Respawn's battle royale will be their .

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