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Apex Legends could get third-person perspective, sniper, SMG, campaign

Published: 15:25, 17 December 2019
Apex Legends, new Charm hanging ona rifle
Apex Legends, new Charm

While some are spending their holidays on Mirage's Winter Express, others are cracking open Apex Legends files and the latest findings are plentiful and quite difficult to sift through, including a potential addition of third-person perspective, new sniper, SMG and campaign.

Well-known Apex Legends data miner going by the Twitter name has found evidence of a number of yet-to-be-implemented changes, but the campaign part was snuffed out by , who's equally as famous in the Apex mining circles.

Anyway, the mined files contain "tons of changes to third-person effects" as well as an opt-in playlist, which suggests it will come as a separate limited-time mode. That said, Respawn are normally extremely reluctant on splitting their fanbase into too many modes, so this could just as easily be connected to the aforementioned campaign. 

As you can see from the tweet below, the proof for Apex Legends' campaign seems to be pretty conclusive indeed, although it raises different sort of concerns. "Try an entire mission from the single-player campaign", the file reads but its highlighting of "free" in the "free trial of R5's single-player campaign"suggests this may be paid content.  

Also found was evidence of a new sniper rifle coming to Apex Legends, as Respawn added "Sentinel" to the "kick" file, and updated audio files for Volt SMG. Among these changes are some to grenade effects, which will be different depending on the terrain you're using them on.

Last but not least are the supposed SBMM changes, although it's a bit difficult to gauge anything here, given how Respawn have been tight-lipped about it. , "not sure what [the SBMM changes] are exactly because a lot of that is obfuscated / server sided, but some variables were adjusted."

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