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Apex Legends Switch resolution and fps confirmed by Respawn

Published: 20:41, 08 March 2021
Apex legends hero cover from Switch eShop store
Apex Legends - Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch owners are in for quite a treat tomorrow, when EA's free to play battle royale FPS drops on eShop. Respawn Entertainment and Panic Button have confirmed that this is a true Apex Legends experience, not to be missed.

EA's battle royale FPS set in the Titanfall universe is dropping onto the Nintendo eShop tomorrow, and colleagues from Famitsu sat down with the developer Respawn Entertainment and the guys from Panic Button, who were in charge of porting Apex Legends to Switch.

Both Respawn and Panic Button have confirmed that the game will run at 1280 x 720 pixels in TV mode and 1024 x 576 pixels in handheld mode. Both operate at 30 fps (frames per second). 

In translation, Nintendo Switch Lite owners are stuck with 576p resolution, as Lite doesn't support the TV mode, unlike the classic Switch. On paper, this really looks a little worrying, but Apex Legends isn’t the first game to run in 576p undocked, so for Switch, this is nothing new.

Switch version will also feature a gyro for motion aiming in mobile mode, which could come quite handy in some situations, and the devs are recommending gamers to utilize this unique feature. The UI is also tweaked, so the in-game text will be much readable when the game runs in portable mode.

Devs have confirmed that all the characters and in-game content are the same as for PlayStation, Xbox and PC platforms. They assure us that the game is "the same Apex Legends".

Andy Boggs, Technical director of Panic Button said: "Game's engine is the same as that of the previous Apex Legends. In fact, I ported all the code and built Switch support into the engine."

As for the cross-play, Dan Hahnberg, the production supervisor at Panic Button, confirmed that the option can be turned off so that Nintendo Switch gamers play only against those on the same platform as them, but when it's enabled they are going to be playing with players across other systems.

The Tweet above is clearly a joke. Do not, we repeat, DO NOT use Mozambique. It's a really bad weapon. When you see a pistol-looking shogun lying on the floor, just walk past it and grab the next best thing.

Apex Legends will launch on Switch tomorrow, on March 9, 2021, for free.

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