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Apex Legends: Respawn tease Revenant and World's Edge map changes

Published: 22:14, 29 January 2020
Apex Legends concept art showing a dam on a mountain
Apex Legends dev teases map changes

Respawn are really going for with Apex Legends lore and their official Twitter didn't get renamed to Outlands Television for no reason. Hammond Robotics is becoming a major player, bringing map changes and characters alike.

OTV's breaking news tweet reads, "BREAKING: In an OTV exclusive, we have obtained security footage from the Hammond Robotics break-in earlier this week offering our first look a possible suspect. Hammond Robotics has, once again, declined to comment."

Many fans think it's a bit peculiar how a company that makes living robots doesn't have the funds to invest in proper security cameras, but that's sort of ruining the whole narrative flow, no? Respawn's tweets have been spinning the yarn about Hammond and their employees are being targetted, so let's see what happens.  

We suppose that the latest Apex Legends tease is intentionally ambiguous, although the main suspect has to be Revenant, who's probably been the main talking point in the community as of late.  

If you somehow missed it, after a bunch of rumours and data mines foretelling his arrival, on what was meant to be Forge's introduction to the Apex Legends character roster. 

Others think that since it's theft and all, that this is actually a teaser for Loba, yet another of the characters. The third camp is convinced we're looking at Octane, and it's easy to see why they'd think so, what with the quick movement and robotic legs. 

In their Season 4 reveal dev stream, Apex Legends team confirmed that there will be minor and major map changes, and that Hammond Robotics "may or may not" have something to do with them.

The first change is definitely Hammond's work, as the . The cover photo in this piece is from the tweet where Respawn wrote, "The opening of the brand-new Hammond Robotics facility in Solace has been put on hold after a break-in caused millions of dollars in damage. When asked for comment, Hammond Robotics declined."

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