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Apex Legends new character Forge teased, before getting killed live

Published: 19:23, 27 January 2020
Apex Legends animated character in a talk show
Apex Legends, wait for it!

Respawn Entertainment are having a blast with Apex Legends these days, and they've now aired an episode of Up Close and Personal with Lisa Stone, where they were meant to focus on James 'Forge' McCormick. And they did. Before he got killed live by Revenant.

Okay, we hate that we sort-of spoiled the whole , but it's still telling enough as it is. We've literally been discussing Respawn's prowess in shaking out the facelessness out of battle royale with Apex Legends, and there couldn't be a better example than this.  

Now, James 'Forge' McCormick is, or was meant to be, the first corporate-sponsored legend and he's clearly been wreaking havoc wherever he went. His current appearance, however, hasn't exactly gone peachy and we're not exactly sure what this means. 

In fact, Apex Legends' website now sports what appears to be an obituary for McCormick, quite a funny one by the way. Does this mean he's actually out of the picture, like permanently? Did Respawn just take us all for a spin? Or does it simply mean we get both him and Revenant in Season 4: Assimilation?

EA Apex Legends character's obituary Apex Legends, is Forge...dead now?

We suppose we'll have to wait just a bit longer until we find that out, but Apex Legends' writer Tom Casiello has given us plenty of reason to be excited about thanks to his latest tweet. "First interview with the 12th Legend himself! (And if you think you know what’s going to happen, trust me... this story’s just getting started", he tweeted.

Revenant is one of the characters that data miners have found a while ago, but after being added as a mastermind behind Shadowfall LTM rather than active character, we started having doubts.

Some of his ended up in the Grand Soiree LTMs, and we were beginning to think that he's just a place-holder character that Apex Legends dev uses to smuggle LTMs past data miners. Well, then. 

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