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Apex Legends Season 4, Loba, Sentinel and Volt SMG pop up in data mines

Published: 16:03, 21 January 2020
artwork showing Apex Legends - Loba
Apex Legends - Loba

Even though there's no shortage of novelties in Apex Legends these days, what with the Grand Soirée limited-time modes coming in hard and fast, but data miners are already on the lookout for Season 4. Yes, we have some dates and more.

The data mine in question comes from prominent data miner iLootGames, whose YouTube and Twitch channels we cannot recommend enough by the way, as it's not very often that you find fun content and reliable leaks at one spot. 

As the files show, and we've taken a snap from the above video so you can check it out below, Respawn will start teasing Season 4 on Thursday, 23 January 2020. The tease will occur in a few stages on the existing map, which is codenamed Desertlands in Apex Legends files.

Phase 2 of the Apex Legends Season 4 files starts on Monday, 27 January 2020 at 10:30am and ends on 11 February. That said, it's not entirely clear what these teases entail, but as iLootGames suggested, it will have something to do with the gladiator cards, i.e. the cards that appear on death boxes. 

Apex Legends' long-rumoured Volt SMG has popped up once again, after having some in one of the past updates. To be fair, it's about time to spice up the game's meta with more R99 alternatives, even though yours truly is still in love with Prowler and Select Fire hop-up combo. 

It turns out that Respawn added a huge list of yet-to-be-announced weapons, but the most likely to be added are probably the Volt SMG and Sentinel, the bolt-action sniper rifle. While it's questionable whether Apex Legends needs another sniper, there could be room for a more Kraber-like weapon, with slower fire-rate but deadlier rounds. It's the same rifle whose files were added to the kick file. 

iLootGames Apex Legends data files showing S4 start dates Apex Legends, S4 dates

Also found were files pertaining to the elusive Revenant character, who is presumed to be Season 4's new Legend, although we're personally starting to have doubts whether this is a character or Respawn's ploy to hide new events under a fake character. After all, they've done it twice thus far, but we guess we'll see.  

On the other hand, iLootGames found Revenant sound files for pinging the Black Market Boutique, which is a device that to steal nearby loot, but we should learn more on that soon enough. Bring on the teases Respawn - we're ready for them.  

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