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BioWare promised Anthem's open demo will be more stable

Published: 17:38, 01 February 2019
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BioWare faced a lot of flak for their VIP demo that was running in January 2019, after users could barely play it due to technical issues. The developers promised the open demo would be more stable and they seemingly delivered so far.

Anthem's VIP demo was a disaster for BioWare as players kept getting stuck in infinite loading screens,  or simply couldn't connect at all. Naturally, people hated this happened and posted their complaints which prompted a bona fide outrage over the state of the game they were given.

BioWare responded by attempting to fix the demo, but by the time it somewhat stabilised, almost an entire day's worth of time was gone. In response, the developers addressed their fans in a , who listed the things that would and wouldn't be fixed in time for the public demo.

In a , Robertson stated that the public demo would be more stable and that returning VIP demo players would keep their progression. He did, however, warn potential players that the demo might still suffer from some new or returning issues.

So far, it seems BioWare kept their word. The public demo is expectedly larger than the VIP demo as there is no entry barrier for those who didn't preorder Anthem but there are no reports of infinite loading screens or desynchronisation so far. The demo kicked off on Friday, 01 February 2019 and will be available during the entire weekend, so if you were hesitant to check it out due to the catastrophe that was the VIP demo, you might want to start downloading now.

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Players are still cautious about Anthem's eventual launch though, as it didn't only get into the crosshairs for the unstable VIP demo, but also the potentially egregious monetisation model.

Combine that with the fact that EA is Anthem's publisher and you will see a decent chunk of the gaming community giving the game a wide berth. It remains to be seen whether BioWare will manage to salvage the game eventually, or association with EA will drag it down.

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