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Anthem goes gold and gets a 16-player-big social hub

Published: 09:27, 24 January 2019
Updated: 09:31, 24 January 2019
Picture of a javelin flying around in Anthem

BioWare's lead producer on Anthem, Michael Gamble, recently broke out the news that the game now has a social hub that can hold up to 16 players at once. Then he, along with the cinematic animator Tal Peleg confirmed Anthem also went gold.

According to Gamble, Launch Bay might be a part of Tarsis, which would be logical since that's the hub for freelancers and javelins in general, but it will be a separate instance at the very least. The in question specifically states the players can either go to Tarsis and interact with NPCs or go to the Launch Bay to hang out with other players.

Some people may find it somewhat underwhelming that they will be able to share the space with just 15 other players at any given time, but there are likely other systems that can connect more players at once, such as regional chat. None of it was confirmed yet though, as Gamble was a little shy on information this time around.

The 16-player restriction for the launch bay shouldn't impede the Anthem gameplay experience, as BioWare already confirmed players will have . It goes without saying that it's expected grouped up players will be able to enter the same Launch Bay instance together, especially because players can take contracts in the Launch Bay, but BioWare didn't confirm this just yet.

Meanwhile, Gamble mentioned that Anthem has gone gold, meaning the game is ready for distribution as the necessary development before release is done. While Gamble's looked more like a side note, Tal Peleg a celebratory image for the announcement on his end. This doesn't come as much of a surprise as the VIP demo access for Anthem will kick off tomorrow, on Friday, 25 January 2019.

Bioware picture showing characters from Anthem Anthem

Since Anthem is an EA game, there is an entire maze of early, slightly early and not-so-early access options that we decided to walk you through. The company is definitely heavily promoting its subscription service EA/ Origin Access, since it will offer Anthem access to the subscribers in the same head start as for those who pre-order it.


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