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Anthem ditches future Acts for core fixes

Published: 10:15, 18 September 2019
Updated: 12:21, 18 September 2019
Anthem - We fixed all our animation problems, see? No reason for concern.

BioWare recently released a blog post about the future of Anthem and it looks like they are focusing on fixing the game rather than adding new content which prompted fans to believe the game is now on life support.

Anthem has had a terrible launch and never managed to recover. EA and BioWare have kept some post-launch promises and eventually added the Cataclysm feature that was long overdue. It seems like this was too little too late and Anthem never managed to find its footing.

In attempts to remain somewhat transparent, BioWare kept releasing dev blogs and talking to the fans but the latest one seems to have caused a bit of concern among the players. The post is titled "What is next for Anthem" but only speaks about the topic briefly. It opens up with thanks from the development team for the player feedback and then proceeds to list changes that were the result of it.

When the post finally gets to the "What's next" part, it only briefly states that players raised concerns about core issues with Anthem and the team is working on fixing them. To elaborate, Chad Robertson said that these issues cannot be just worked out with quick fixes but require "a more thorough review and re-working".

In order to focus on these "long-range plans", Bioware are ditching the Acts structure for updates, raising a red flag with the player base in the process. Games have gone into maintenance mode before and it usually involves focusing on game fixes rather than adding new content which is the reason why this announcement gave Anthem fans a .

Anthem's forge and Javelin showcase Anthem's forge and Javelin showcase Anthem

Neither EA nor BioWare specifically stated new content would be discontinued indefinitely but given the state of Anthem, it wouldn't be a surprising decision. Furthermore, Robertson's post mentioned seasonal updates that he thinks players will enjoy but didn't elaborate on what they may include.

You can check out the yourself and see what conclusions you may draw from it.

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