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A possible horror game from Hideo Kojima might involve Junji Ito

Published: 23:31, 25 July 2020
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In a recent Comic-Con interview with Junji Ito, the world-famous manga artist elaborated on a fan question asking about his involvement in videogame development, implying a potential new game by Hideo Kojima.

The  Comic-Con@Home 2020 event is bringing joy to fans all across the globe, supplementing their daily lives with news, panels, interviews, art shows and much more.

A guest in one of the interviews was the world-renowned Manga artist, Junji Ito, the man known for creating some of the scariest most disturbing manga in existence.

Nearing the end of the interview, Junji Ito received the following question: "Are you involved in some video game development at the moment?" to which he gave a complicated answer.

The interesting part is that Junji Ito stated that he knows director Hideo Kojima, and that they were talking about a horror-based game which might be in the works, mentioning that he was asked by Kojima to work on the game but that there were no details as of yet.

Since Junji Ito made an appearance in Death Stranding, we can be sure that he likes the idea of working in the game development process, and with Kojima mentioning many times how he wants to create a revolutionary new horror game, this statement comes as close to an official confirmation as it can get.

Sony A masked man standing next to a monster in Death Stranding Spooks all around

Hideo Kojima's experimental approach to videogames gives a lot of leeway for creative freedom, both in storytelling and in art direction. These factors may prove crucial in allowing Ito to create his trademark, bone-chilling horror and present it in such a way to have maximum effect.

The respect and admiration each has for the others work, is sure to give birth to a very healthy working relationship that will see both drive the project forward, bringing the ideas of Kojima, blessed with Ito's mind for horror, straight to the real world.

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