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A new survival horror Alien game is coming in 2023, it's claimed

Published: 17:03, 22 November 2022
Alien Isolation is arguably one of the best survival horror games you can play right now
Alien Isolation is arguably one of the best survival horror games you can play right now

A new AAA Alien horror game is reportedly in development and could launch next year. The project is currently codenamed Marathon and it's being developed for current-gen consoles.

We're getting a new survival horror Alien game according to the latest report from Insider Gaming. Codenamed Marathon, the game is currently in development for PlayStation 5 , Xbox Series X|S and PC and has a tentative Holiday 2023 release date. 

The report states project has a AAA budget and will take inspiration from beloved survival horror franchises such as Dead Space and Resident Evil .

At the moment, it is unknown who is the developer behind the project nor what the actual title of this game will be but if the rumour is indeed true, then it shouldn't be long before we get a confirmation. 

Interestingly, it's a brand new Alien survival horror game, not a sequel to Alien Isolation , which also could be happening according to the report. Apparently, the sequel is either in development or is currently being pitched. 

Rumours about Alien Isolation 2 initially surfaced in 2021, stating that "the project exists and the candidates for the developer are still being reviewed", so it would make sense that it's still very early days for Alien Isolation 2.

SEGA picture showing dark hallway and radar Alien Isolation is one of the few Alien games that are actually good.

Alien Isolation is considered one of the greatest survival horror games of all time. It was developed by Creative Assembly and published by SEGA back in 2014 and we're yet to get a proper follow-up, which is a darn shame.

Hopefully, there's some truth to these latest rumours as we're quite excited by the idea that more Alien survival horror games are on the way. 


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