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Alien Isolation 2 is reportedly in early development

Published: 17:23, 30 April 2021
picture showing female character hiding from alien
Alien Isolation

Disney are reportedly kicking off with the development of a sequel for the fantastic survival horror Alien Isolation. The rumour states that the game is still in conceptual stage, so it probably won't be coming anytime soon.

Alien Isolation is one of my favourite survival horror games of all time and all these years, I've been waiting to hear more about a potential sequel. Sadly, such a game was never announced, even though the original was a success, both critically and commericaly.

Now, the Alien franchise is owned by Disney, who according to the latest rumours are in early, concept stages, of Alien Isolation 2. Now, keep in mind that this is just a rumour and nothing more. It's far from official announcement so a dose of scepticism is required.

The info comes from Small Screen website , which allegedly heard from a reliable source that the project exists and the candidates for the developer are still being reviewed, suggesting that the development is yet to fully kick off.

This could also mean that Creative Assembly will not return to develop the game, which is sad, but hopefully, Disney will pick a studio that will follow the design and concept of the original. 

"One of the properties they’re looking to work on is Alien: Isolation. The story is being written and the idea to get this game made," it's written in the report.

SEGA picture showing dark hallway and radar Alien Isolation

The report also states that Alien Isolation is just one of the IPs which Disney want to revive. Apparently, other franchises could also start development soon.

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