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A new Banjo-Kazooie game might be in development

Published: 10:12, 05 July 2022
Banjo Kazooie recently got added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Banjo Kazooie recently got added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

According to rumours, iconic Xbox franchise Banjo-Kazooie could be returning in the near future. 

Xbox fans have been asking Microsoft to bring back platformer Banjo-Kazooie for many many years but sadly, there is nothing official regarding such a project at the moment. Microsoft Gaming head Phil Spencer previously said that Banjo revival is totally up to Rare, the studio who created this beloved character. 

However, given that Rare are busy with Sea of Thieves and Everwild and have no interest in classic IP, Microsoft will probably need to find a different studio to work on Banjo-Kazooie game. 

And according to some recent rumblings, the might have found the ideal candidate. Trusted ResetEra insider NateDrake revealed last month before the Xbox and Bethesda showcase, that there is a new Banjo game in development. This info has been corroborated by Spanish Xbox insider  eXstas1s , who confirms that Banjo game is indeed coming but sadly, that's about everything both insiders revealed.

The insider mentions that it could be Sackboy developer Sumo Digital that are working on the game but that's just speculation and nothing more. 

If we had to guess who is behind the game, we would say Playtonic Games is probably one of the realistic picks thanks to their experience with platform games. 

Since everything you've just read is far from an official info, please, take it with a massive grain of salt just like any other rumour or unconfirmed report. Yes, it's certainly possible that someone is working on a new Banjo game but don't get your hopes up just yet, at least until we get a more reliable source reporting the same info. 

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