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30XX adds Boss Rush mode and secret ending ahead of full release

Published: 01:20, 05 September 2022
Batterystaple Games

Batterystaple Games released on final big update before the official launch of 30XX, bringing along new things for the early adopters to enjoy.

After a year and a half in Steam Early Access, Batterystaple Games are gearing up for the full release of 30XX . The is well-loved by those who tried it out, even in the unfinished state, as it boasts an impressive 94 per cent positive reviews on the platform.

Now, with the launch of version 1.0 drawing closer, the devs announced the final big release, dubbed The Rival Update, which mostly focuses on fan-requested features.

One of the highlights is Delta, an invading NPC that will attack the players through stages in order to mess up their run. Should Delta fail, another attempt will be made in the future.

Batterystaple Games 30xx 30xx

After being invaded by Delta, Ace and Nina will see modifiers applied to the levels which will award them with extra rewards which should be incentive enough to put up with the annoying NPC.

Additionally, the story campaign has been revamped and five hidden endings have been added. Naturally, they all have conditions that the players need to meet before they can play out. Batterystaple noted that this is not even the end of it as more such things are coming in the future.

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