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30XX gets a new level with latest update

Published: 19:46, 30 August 2021
Batterystaple Games

30XX has reached another milestone in the Early Access and the players will be one level richer after the latest update.

Fires of Industry update has landed in 30XX and it's the first major one according to the devs. Naturally, the new level takes the spotlight as it brings more content to play with but there is a lot more to look forward to.

Dustria, the new map, is a forgotten factory and it shows in the design. There will be many conveyor belts placed around the level, with almost every one of them carrying danger or a new way to enjoy high-speed action. This high-speed action is enabled by springs placed around the level, which will enhance your velocity and boop you in various directions. Chaining along the springs can lead to either quick death on spikes or a thrilling ride through the obstacles.

On top of the map, there are other additions such as the Jagged Bolt power that can bend fired projectiles mid-air and add homing capabilities to other powers. Ryuusei is another new power, which will have dive at high speed in order to smash the targets beneath you. 

Repros are the floating companions that protect the player and crush their foes but it's hard to believe they will actually support your life decisions. Time will tell.

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