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30XX Early Access release date announced

Published: 02:04, 14 January 2021
Batterystaple Games

Batterystaple Games announced they will be launching 30XX into Steam Early Access soon, bringing the fans of 20XX their anticipated sequel.

Gamers were pleasantly surprised in 2017 when 20XX launched and fulfilled their roguelike and action platformer desires. On top of that cake, the game placed a cherry in the form of co-op that could be done either online or locally.

With 92 per cent positive reviews, it was pretty obvious the players would want more and Batterystaple Games are gearing up to deliver. They announced 30XX, the sequel fans awaited, set a thousand years after the first game. On the matter of the date that you are looking for, 30XX is coming to Early Access on February 17, 2021.

Players will assume the role of Nina once again but the time has changed the world drastically and she has been awakened to find people with a completely new perception of life that seems to be devoid of ambition.

In this world, Nina is seemingly not needed since the human race is now just relying on the Synthetic Mind to take care of them and no longer wishes to reach for the start. Players will explore the world, or as the devs put it - a lush, verdant prison, and fight to save what remains.

Those wishing for roguelike progression will find it once again find it but it remains to be seen whether the fans of the first game will like the new art style that leans more into pixel art.

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