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11 Bit Studios slam key resellers for offering Frostpunk 2 pre-orders

Published: 10:56, 19 August 2021
11 bit studios
Frostpunk 2
Frostpunk 2

Frostpunk 2 pre-orders are up on key reseller Kinguin website even though the developers, 11 Bit Studios, don't even know the price of the game.

Frostpunk developers 11 Bit Studios are absolutely livid with certain key reseller websites that are offering Frostpunk 2 pre-orders right now. As you may recall, the game was only announced with a short CGI trailer last week. The devs did not reveal pricing details but guess what, the game is available for pre-order at resellers, even with some details that the developers themselves have not decided on.

"ANNOUNCEMENT! We don't know the price of our game yet, we don't have any keys. Some SHITTY SCAMMER sells Frostpunk 2 on pre-order under the umbrella of another CROOK Kinguin?!," 11 Bit Studios tweeted via the official Frostpunk profile. 

Twitter Frostpunk devs are not happy with key resellers Frostpunk devs are not happy with key resellers

Furthermore, 11 Bit Studios point out that the listing on the website even has a PEGI rating, which is something that even they don't know yet. "As a further addition to our announcement about scammers - they have PEGI rating while we do not know it yet (!) and they embedded our trailer from Epic Games Store while "selling Steam keys" on pre-order. Sorry, but this is ridiculous." 

This is not the first time that video game developers are unhappy with key reseller websites. Most of these websites are not authorised to sell game keys and have a platform where they allow other people to sell the keys. 

People who sell the keys on these websites are usually thieves who buy game keys with stolen credit card info and then offer these keys at lower prices. Many devs asked players to stay away from these websites and instead simply pirate the game since the damage they cause by buying at resellers is much higher. 

The issue, which is clearly hurting indie game developers, is nowhere near close to being solved, sadly. G2A proposed key-blocking tools to developers but it doesn't seem that the proposed idea solved anything. 

So, the best thing you can do if you want to support the developers? Buy the game on authorised storefronts like Steam, Epic Games Store or GOG on PC. 

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