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$1.4 million Justice Online account sold for $552, owner sues friend & NetEase

Published: 18:00, 21 November 2019
Updated: 18:04, 21 November 2019
Picture of a girl in Justice Online
Justice Online

NetEase found themselves in a rather odd situation after they got sued by an owner of a certain character in Justice Online. The catch is that the character is apparently worth $1.4 million but was sold for $552 by a third party.

If you ever wondered why Blizzard are trying so hard to break into Chinese gaming market, this example should shed some light on the situation. A player has apparently spent about $1.4 million on an account in Justice Online MMORPG.

While one could see this as a misfortune of its own, the matters were made worse when the player apparently shared the account with a friend who then proceeded to list the character for sale at just 3,888 yuan which translates to $552. 

For those not involved in the incident, the situation may look comical but the defendant's statement was even goofier. Apparently, the person was going to put it up for sale with a price tag of 388,000 yuan ($55,138) and sell it back to the original owner but he made a typo when entering the price, attributing it to being dizzy from excessive gaming. Whether selling the account to the original owner was a part of the deal between the two parties or not, was not disclosed in  report.

However, given the extremely low price of the character on the marketplace, compared to what it cost the owner, someone snatched it before the ownership could be returned.

After the conclusion of the worst trade deal in the history of trade deals, the original character owner . An actual judge had to mediate the case online, following which NetEase revoked the transaction. As a result, the account was returned to the plaintiff (the original owner) but the person also had to pay the buyer of the character 90,000 yuan ($12,789) in damages.

NetEase Screenshot of a marketplace in Justice Online Justice Online

While the $1.4 million sum is, by all means, a case of extreme in-game spending it is not the highest in recorded history. is still the top dog when it comes to pushing the biggest in-game transactions.

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