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Project Ragnarok is a new game from MMO giant NetEase

Published: 12:07, 20 May 2020
Project: Ragnarok screenshot showing gorgeous scenery
Project: Ragnarok

Chinese developer NetEase are working on a new AAA title codenamed Project Ragnarok. It's a triple-A MMORPG inspired by Nordic mythology and will take a multi-platform approach, meaning it could be coming to PC, consoles and mobile.

Chinese MMO giant NetEase who previously worked on Diablo Immortal with Blizzard Entertainment have announced their brand new project named Project Ragnarok. The game is set in a massive open world and will be an MMO with a multi-platform approach.

Niko Partners' analyst Daniel Ahmad shared the announcement over at Twitter, saying that the reveal indicates PC and consoles release in addition to mobile.

This does seem realistic since the trailer, which you can watch above, shows gorgeous-looking visuals which at the moment, are not quite possible on mobile. We will have to wait for the press conference, which is set for later today to see if the game is indeed planned for several platforms.

NetEase Project Ragnarok screenshot showcasing stunning visuals Project Ragnarok looks stunning

With Project Ragnarok, NetEase aim to balance traditional Chinese MMO style gameplay with premium AAA gameplay to appeal to a global audience, Ahmad claims. 

Some would say that the game looks like Horizon Zero Dawn and Black Desert Online clone with its art style but we are sure NetEase will have a couple of unique tricks up in their sleeve.

Project Ragnarok is another title with Norse setting after FromSoftware revealed their Elden Ring game and Ubisoft also looking to release Assassin's Creed: Valhalla later this year.

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