NBA 2K19 graphics comparison: PS4 Pro vs PC vs Nintendo Switch

Published: 11:27, 19 September 2018
2K Sports
Steph Curry shooting a three-pointer against the Boston Celtics.
NBA 2K19

It's time for the ultimate NBA 2K19 graphics comparison. Playing the game on the go on Nintendo Switch is definitely a handy feature of this console, but how does the game look when compared to PC? And what about PlayStation 4 Pro?

has been out for a couple weeks now, and we honestly got to say that it is slowly becoming our favourite 2K game of all time. The overhauled gameplay feels good - it just feels right. The story of MyCareer is one of the best to date, though we do wish it was longer.

We finally get a story we like, and it gets taken away from us way too early. Oh well, it's a basketball game after all, right? Not a movie. Still, we would have loved to see what happened to our girl back in Indiana and whether we'd ever be respected again in the Mad Ants community.

The notorious VC grind is still of course present, but we can't lie and say that it is as bad as it was last year. What matters most is that - like we said - gameplay feels right. It plays like actual basketball with minimum blow-bys and cheese.

Even though some people complain that the game is far more difficult than it should be and that everyone is a lockdown defender, we beg to differ. We say that you should not play this game Iike you did 2K18. Don't rely on cheese, glitches and blow-bys, try playing this game like you would an actual basketball game. We guarantee that you'll be both satisfied and impressed as to how great of a simulation it actually is. It's not perfect - but it is great.

2K Sports Close-up of Steph Curry's face in NBA 2K19 on Nintendo Switch, PS4 Pro and PC Steph Curry's face in NBA 2K19 on Nintendo Switch, PS4 Pro and PC

We're playing the game on a number of different platforms, and while it plays almost identical on each one, there are some noticeable visual differences that are, of course, to be expected. But instead of us telling you about it, let us show you what we mean. Simply click and treat yourself to some fancy basketball highlights.