Upcoming PlayStation 4 games for end of May 2020

Published: 13:55, 21 May 2020
Updated: 13:58, 21 May 2020
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Plenty of PS4 games on the way for the remainder of May 2020

With a good chunk of the month behind us, the last ten days still have plenty of upcoming games to offer. Everything from adventure, comedy all the way to horror is included in this overview.

The final days of May 2020 will bring 14 new games for Playstation 4. Starting the list off on May 21 is the roguelike horror, The Persistence, a game in which you go around a spaceship attempting to survive the endless onslaught of mutated crewmen that are hunting down everything in sight.

To aid your survival, you have to gather resources to upgrade your abilities and fabricate new weapons, but even if you do die, you find yourself controlling a new character that the ship's computer has just awoken from cryosleep. 

Every new character has a new, procedurally generated ship to maneuver with a different set of obstacles. You are not strictly bound to playing one way or the other, but stealth provides you with a much higher chance of surviving the encounters with the slew of mutated monstrosities you will surely come across in your adventure. 

The game is perfect for those who love the good old feeling of being trapped in a claustrophobic area with a constant threat lurking around almost every corner.

May 22 brings four titles first of them being Mechstermination Force a 2D boss rush game that has you fighting giant robots with an array of weapons, methodically breaking them down piece by piece until you are victorious. 

The game gives you the ability to climb the mechs in order to get to their weak points, and in that sense, it is very reminiscent of Shadow of the Colossus, as it invokes the same feeling of scaling a giant monster only to be thrown off by an unexpected attack, leaving you dangerously close to death and seconds away from having to restart the whole boss fight.

 It can also be played with a friend, working together to defeat the metal goliaths all while enjoying some friendly banter. 

Hörberg Productions Mechstermination Force Big robots, bigger guns

If you prefer being a monster instead of fighting them, here is a game for you: Maneater. It is a fast-paced action game in which you take control of a man-eating monster shark and hunt down everything that dares enter the water, and even things outside of it. 

During your little massacre fest, you can choose to evolve your creature which brings you a number of amazing powers such as tougher skin or electrical shockwaves. With these, you can elect to do amazing backflips whilst tail whipping explosives back at ships that are hunting you down, or explore the amazingly detailed sea that you call your home and discover a whole new world hiding beneath the water's surface. 

Next up is Saints Row: The Third Remastered - a beloved game defined as the one who broke the shell of the series and went full bonkers, becoming more of a comedy based playground filled with inappropriate jokes and silly weapons than a serious story about mobsters and crime. 

While the story of the series is pretty serious; the further along it went, the less serious it started to take itself, all of that culminating in Saints Row: The Third - a ball of silly fun that you can try and play seriously, but the game won't really let you. 

If you are in for a fun tim,e this is the one game you should be picking up on release and with this being the remastered version - it means all the gags and silliness will be brought to you in HD. 

Deep Silver Saints Row The third remastered screenshot In all its remastered glory

And ending the day on a scary note, there is Monstrum - a roguelike horror that placess you on an abandoned ship filled with hazards, and, to top it off: a monster that is out to find you. The procedurally generated levels mean that no two playthroughs are the same which ensures that you will be able to feel the tension of being in an unfamiliar environment with a monster lurking in the shadows every time you play. 

And if that is not enough, the variety of monsters that could be hunting you down, to which you will have to adapt on the fly, is sure to keep you engaged or have you shutting off your console by ripping the power cable out. If you like to get spooked, give Monstrum a whirl.

You will have four days to recover from that experience because on May 26, two new titles are making their way onto the store. The first one being Utawarerumono: Prelude to the Fallen, a classic RPG where you live out the life and trials of Hakuoro - a young man who set out on a journey to defend his village against a rival nation. 

Having the usual turn-based battle system where you assemble a party and use their strengths to out-stat your opponents and all the other stuff any good RPG is made off, you will probably get this game if you want to experience the story and engage in its world. 

It is a simple concept that works: an RPG made for RPG fans. If that is your type of game, you will most likely enjoy all this title has to offer. 

Nippon Ichi Software Utawarerumono: Prelude to the Fallen cover The story begins

If you are looking for a different kind of adventure, Minecraft Dungeons might be what you are after. It's a dungeon crawler set in the Minecraft universe that takes you on a thrilling ride with what seems to be a little more laid back approach to telling the usual story that accompanies many dungeon crawlers.

Whether you play solo or with friends, you can explore the beautiful world, gather new and interesting weapons and face a variety of foes on your epic quest. Be it for nostalgia's sake, or it just being a well-made game, the way it looks certainly does not disappoint. Regardless of the reason, it is a beautiful game that looks very well crafted and made for all to enjoy. 

After the short and sweet, adventure-filled day, we get another four-game block on May 28. The day starts with an adventure that is Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling - a game in which you explore a vast world with your little team of insects and do battle with all kinds of creepy crawlies. 

Scary sounding descriptions aside, the game has a pretty art style reminiscent of Paper Mario, and a straightforward RPG core with an interesting setting as well as an enticing cast of characters that give everything a bright and bubbly feeling. It looks like a game made for all generations and might even be a nice introduction to the RPG genre for the future young gamers. 

DANGEN Entertainment Bug Fables The everlasting sapling cover A small adventure

Now a quick question: do you like your gritty protagonist with a troubled past solving the mystery of a small town and uncovering a big secret? You do? Fantastic. Those Who Remain is something you will love and here’s a brief overview of the reasons why.

It's obvious you like a cliche story with a cliche setting and a cliche main character that trudges around the small location, whatever it may be, solving the mystery in the most cliche way possible. 

But here is the twist - while relying on many tropes of the usual horror game, the game adds its own spin to it. Although similar to many others, it has just enough of that individuality to get you interested.

It is essentially a horror game that bets all its chips on the game being just special enough to differentiate itself from others, proving you can take a played out trope and give it new life. The only way to see if that bet paid off is to try the game for yourself and be the judge. 

Maybe your tastes are not that of horror and your heart calls for adventure in exotic locations with belly dancers, if so then strap in for Shantae and the Seven Sirens, the newest addition to the Shantae series. The beloved purple-haired belly dancer is back in a new adventure discovering the secret of the seven sirens.

This action-adventure platformer has won many fans thanks to its light-hearted nature and the lovable protagonist. The new title has a special collectable card system through which you can augment Shantae’s powers to suit your playstyle. It's a fun little game to spend some time enjoying, if you like platformers. 

WayForward Shantae and the seven sirens screenshot Shantae is back

The last order of the day is Atomicrops - this is most certainly an acquired taste, and probably the weirdest game of the bunch. As the devs described it, this “action roguelike farming simulator” has you defending your farm and crops from mutated wildlife in a post-apocalyptic nuclear fallout scenario, all while looking for true love.

The premise is just weird enough that it steps into the territory of intriguing, and credit where credit is due, if a nuclear disaster did happen, this is probably an accurate level of hectic that would ensue.

The last three games on today’s list still do not have a set release date and the only thing we know is that they are coming in May. The first of the three mysterious musketeers is Ever Forward, an adventure puzzle game in which you follow the story of Maya, a little girl in a strange world on a mission to regain her memories. 

Like the date, the game too is mysterious and its complex levels require the player's observational skills and intelligence to solve the puzzles and progress the story. It is an artsy game that shows a lot of promise as a fun puzzler that might give a good crank to the mental cogs of its players. 

Second up to bat is a Korean survival horror, The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters, the last horror game for a pretty horror-saturated list. Anyone familiar with survival horror games knows that there will be a complicated story, strange characters and a bunch of cheap scares as well as some really intense moments. 

The goal is exploration and survival, and, of course, you have a deranged killer on your tail and your only means of survival is to find your way out. The rest is pretty straightforward, providing for a simple horror game for people who simply like scary stuff.

Devespresso Games The Coma 2 Vicious Sisters cover Horror is in the air

And the last but not least is Fast & Furious Crossroads. Going by the title, you can expect an over the top action-packed explosion-filled ride. Racing, robbing, outrunning tanks and jumping onto moving trains from burning vehicles, all in a day's work from the Fast & Furious crew.

There's no point in going too deep into the game - if you have seen the Fast & Furious movies, you know what to expect. If not, well, you are in for one hell of an adventure.

This concludes our list of the upcoming PS4 games for the remaining period of the month of May. From horror to comedy and all the stuff in between, the list is pretty diverse and sure to have something for almost everybody's taste.

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