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LoL Esports - Team Liquid Bjergsen is Now a Free Agent

Published: 06:24, 08 October 2022
Team Liquid
team Liquid - Bjergsen did not last long
team Liquid - Bjergsen did not last long

It would appear that Team Liquid are being forced to budget their team heavily, and starting with Bjergsen, big-name players are being let go. Does this have wider implications?

It seems that the bubble of well-known League of Legends pros is bursting, and Bjergsen is the first in line to feel that. Is this the consequence of Riot Games focusing on the VALORANT esports scene, or just some simple money problems?

While we would all like to blame Riot Games it's likely to be the former. After all, Team Liquid CEO has already announced  that the upcoming team will be founded on different ideals.

It seems that those ideals stem from the fact that a lot of money was spent on the current team, and still their success was not eye-catching.

The first change we see is their mid-laner, Bjergsen, going free agent and is now looking for offers from both LEC and LCS.

Riot Games TSM Bjergsen Is a return to TSM possible for Bjergsen?

Fans are expecting Team Liquid to start letting go of their big-name players, who can't seem to keep up with the newer generations all that consistently while having large paychecks.

The next on the list may even be CoreJJ, though his split was not as bad as Bjergsen's. unfortunately, the enchanter meta, which is still ongoing, is not a good look for CoreJJ at all.

With numerous big-name players now starting to lose teams, is this the precursor for the hurting of the old guard bubble? Stats shown in the previous year would certainly agree.

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