PlayStation 4 games hitting the store in the first ten days of June 2020

Published: 12:18, 31 May 2020
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A new month always brings new games with it, and such is the case for PlayStation 4. While the first ten days won't bring too many new games, the quality of those that will come out is more than enough to offset the small number of releases.

With May now officially behind us, we are shifting our attention towards the first ten days of June to see what new games are confirmed for release, and which are only to be expected for now.

In the wake of Tour de France 2020 being postponed because of the virus situation, on June 4 we get Tour de France 2020 - the game. While possibly not as good as the real thing, it allows for a much wider range of people to take on the treacherous trek, all from the comfort of your home. 

The game simulates what your average experience of a Tour de France would be, completing stages of the race, managing your stamina as to not to burn out halfway through the race, and even the bumps and scrapes that tend to happen when big groups of cyclists form.

A good game to tide you over until the real deal is back, or for those who always wanted to experience the big race but never really wanted to put in the effort.

You will have enough time to do the whole race a few times over until the next June release though because there is a five-day gap between releases. However,  luckily, on June 9 we are getting five top-notch games to compensate for the lackluster release schedule of the first ten days of the month.

Recotechnology S.L. 1971 Project Helios Surviving the freezing cold

The first breath of ice-cold fresh air comes with 1971 Project Helios, a turn-based strategy game that sees you and your ragtag team of strangers with the same cause traversing the frigid landscape surviving, not only the onslaught of enemies, but also the weather.

Combining melee combat with guns, grenades and other forms of fighting - you will have to use your wit and timing to successfully succeed in your objective and not freeze to death while doing it.

A dark looking game, despite all the snow around, it sets a good atmosphere for the mission at hand placing you in just the right mood to save a kidnapped scientist and make your way out of there.

The game will appeal to all those who enjoy the turn-based approach to strategy and an interesting set of mechanics to go along with it.

The next adventure we will get to embark upon is Ys: Memories of Celceta. This fantastic JRPG has been tried and tested on the PlayStation Vita, where it proved its mettle and carved out its spot in the JRPG world.

Being a PlayStation Vita title, it will probably be lacking in the graphics department, but the engaging story and combat, together with the wonderful soundtrack and diverse, colourful characters more than make up for the lack of stellar looks. 

Following the adventure of Adol and friends on a mission to regain his memories will surely keep you glued to your seat, and given that the game is now using all the capabilities that PlayStation 4 has to offer, it will surely be even more of a treat than it already was on the Vita.

gaming company Project Warlock Cover Image So many demons, so many bullets

Are you after a different adventure, however, perhaps one that involves a Smoking Hot Babe? If so, then look no further than Jump King, an action platformer that has you jumping your way up to the Smoking Hot Babe of legend.

The title basically says it all - you are on a mission to jump your way up to the hot babe and become the jump king. The downside is, if you slip up - you will fall a long way down, and if you're very unlucky, that means all the way down.

With such high risk and the punishment for failure being so big, it makes the mysterious goal even more interesting. If you are a fan of games with high risk, high reward and really want to see the Smoking Hot Babe at the top - the title is out on June 9. Good luck.

If, however, your adventures require more bloodshed and your pastime is turning demons into gore or maybe you just really like games inspired by Doom, Hexen and Wolfenstein - Project Warlock is the game that will hit your sweet spot.  

A world filled with demons, monsters and who knows what else needs a spring cleaning and you are a warlock with a truckload of guns and a bunch of spells at your disposal to aid you in disposing of the despicable demons.

This is a simple concept proven to work very well time and time again has been reimagined, creatively crafted and filled with boatloads of fun and excitement.

A game that draws its inspiration from the games that modernised the shooter experience will surely be a good fit for everyone who plays it.

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