New games coming to Xbox One in the first week of June 2020

Published: 20:03, 04 June 2020
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The box is getting more new games

As June makes its mark on the year, and new games keep piling in, the list is getting pretty big with ten new releases in the first week of the month. The steady pace brings with it some much expected quality.

With four games already going live for the Xbox One, six more titles will be hitting the store by the end of the week, bringing the total to ten games in the first week of June.

If the postponement of the actual race has had you longing for some Tour de France action right about now, Tour de France 2020 has got you covered.

The game tries to simulate what it feels like to take on the grueling race, putting you through all the stages while having you manage your stamina and energy not only to last until the end but to ultimately win. 

For the fans of simulators or the big race, this is a great title to tide you over until August, when the actual race takes place. The title is hitting the store on June 4.

June 5 brings five games, the first of them being Outbuddies, an exciting Metroidvania that puts you in a strange lost world, searching for answers while facing hordes of strange creatures. 

You have nothing but your weapon and your buddy to help you solve puzzles, face bosses and survive the hellish landscape.  

Although the game pays a lot of homage to the games in the genre that came before it, it also brings in a breath of fresh air that livens up the slightly stale formula and provides an exciting new experience for players both old and new.

Maybe you prefer your buddies to be real instead of AI? If so, We Were Here Together takes you and a buddy of choice on a freezing adventure in the Antarctic.

The two of you stumble upon a cursed medieval castle, filled with traps, secrets and puzzles that you will have to solve while separated and look for clues about your missing friends.

The game puts you both through the wringer, testing your cooperation, timing, communication and friendship in various ways intended to push your buttons. A great story paired with a great concept is guaranteed to give you a great time.

Total Mayhem Games We where here together Cover But will we ever leave this place

“More puzzles!” you cry out, and Cyber Protocol fulfills your wish with 100 levels of security system cracking puzzles, in a cyberpunk setting. 

The action puzzler has you cracking puzzles, alone or with friends, in an arcade looking setting with groovy music to make you feel like a real hacker from the 90s movies.

The top goal is being number one, for that you have a global leaderboard and a bunch of themes that alter the way your game looks. The game is meant for the competitively spirited and it feeds their need for competition, whether they are taking on their friends or the world.

Perhaps that was not enough retro, Tcheco in the Castle of Lucio has more retro than you could possibly digest in one sitting, but you could always try.

The action platformer puts all its design eggs into the retro basket and adds a pinch of whatever insanity was so lovingly poured into Conker's Bad Fur Day.

Marcelo Barbosa Tcheco in the castle of Lucio cover So much weirdness in one place

The jokes, the gags, none of it making any sense and yet seeming so fun, it is all in the package with the game plus the retro thing it pushes so hard. If you are looking for a ridiculous but good time, then by all means - grab this game on your way out.

Last on the menu is Rigid Force Redux, modernising retro but keeping the spirit alive, the game is a side-scrolling Shoot 'Em Up, in which you customize your guns and blast your way through obstacles and creatures alike in an array of flashy lights.

Something about the game just has the feeling of that old game, Space Impact, form the Nokia 3310 throwing you for a trip through the old neighbourhood in a brand-new ride.

The game gives off a solid look, and looks like it feels solid as well, so it will most likely perform as expected and give you hours of fun.

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