Last week of May brings an array of new games for Xbox One

Published: 16:13, 26 May 2020
Updated: 16:39, 26 May 2020
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Last week of May brings a big list of goodies for the Xbox One

After a rather slow month, we have entered the last week of May that's just filled with new game releases for Xbox One. Among them, we have everything from nostalgic throwbacks to weird concepts, all neatly compiled in one big list.

Starting the list off very strong, May 26 will bring us Minecraft Dungeons, a nostalgia-inducing thrill that combines the world-famous title and the concept of dungeon crawlers.

The title hearkens back to the days where things were less complicated and you could stay up late into the night, building your fantasy worlds block by block. However, the times have changed and adventure calls, so now you can spend the late nights defeating foes in an effort to unravel the enticing story.

The game combines the classic dungeon crawler experience, drawing inspiration from classics such as Diablo and producing the same effect in the Minecraft-coloured world.

In this amazing looking title, we have the promise of great gameplay and an infusion of nostalgia in those who grew up with the original game It could also be a great first step into the dungeon crawler world for the young generation of gamers.

May 27 brings us a double whammy with first to storm the gates being Castle Pals, a sidescrolling platformer that has you controlling two characters to navigate a castle and have fun. 

The plot is not very clear and the game itself is pretty basic, but since it started its life as a mobile game, not much is to be expected. But still, you get a fun little game with an interesting concept where you control two characters with special skills, both of whom play differently, and that's about as far as it goes on the innovation front.

WANZUNGDEV Many Faces cover image So Many Faces to shoot at

Now, take a moment to imagine yourself in an old school arcade - the smell, the feel of it. Now imagine you are in front of a strange arcade machine and you drop in a coin just to see what pops up on the screen. The title Many Faces blinks a few times and you are thrown into a funky retro experience. 

This game might give you that feeling because it's a shower of 8-bit goodness, very reminiscent of the old unknown arcade titles on which you would compete to one-up anyone who dared play on “your” machine. But this game is infused with years of experience and development that gaming has had since those days. 

With interesting quirks such as randomly generated levels and the several bosses in the game-changing order they come at you in, makes it an awesome blend of the old and new eras of gaming. The title shows a lot of promise and might just be the thing for anyone who likes an action-packed blast from the past. 

As the list continues, it seems that every day the number of released games goes up by one, so on May 28 we get three new games to play with. 

Leaving its eerie mark on the week is Those Who Remain, a horror game that is so familiar and yet different in its own way. The game relies on the trope of a gritty protagonist with a tragic backstory uncovering the mystery of a small town in the middle of nowhere. 

Wired Productions Those Who Remain cover image What will those who remain do?

As far as cliche goes, this game has it all - from the story to the setting, it uses the same formula that has worked time and time again and adds its own spin to it.

The game has you exploring a small town as you try to uncover what has trapped its inhabitants and why, and what is the reason it crawls in the darkness and hunts the inhabitants who dare step away from the light. A game that shows promise, not despite its trope-filled nature but because of it. It might just be the title that gives you the next scare you are looking for. 

The spooky turns to weird with Atomicrops, a perilous adventure to find real love as a farmer in a nuclear fallout world. As weird as that sounds, the game revolves around creating your super GMO farm and defending it from the heavily mutated wildlife that is trying to get at you and your crops, as well as trying to find real love and get married despite everything mentioned above. 

The weirdness is offset by the variety of things to do in the game and the wacky art style that compliments the game perfectly. The game covers a wide variety of genres so it might appeal to a wide variety of players with various interests. 

WayForward Shantae and the seven sirens screenshot Shantae's new adventure

Last for the day comes Shantae and the Seven Sirens, the new installment in the cult classic series following Shantae in her latest adventure. 

The game keeps the same proven formula and it adds some new features to keep the game fresh and give it its own personality. One such feature is the new collectible card system which enables you to adjust your play style or to experience the same game in multiple ways.

A lovable protagonist is sure to win your heart if you are not a fan already, and the well-made platformer is sure to interest even casual fans of the action platformer genre. 

Jumping on to the last release day of the month, we have six diverse new titles to finish May in style.

Let's start off with Ultimate Fishing Simulator. Err, it is a fishing simulator - that’s it. 

DANGEN Entertainment Bug Fables The everlasting sapling cover A small adventure

Next up we have Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling, the game that gives you an RPG experience with the Paper Mario art style. 

The light and colourful game has you managing a team of insects on your quest through the world of Bugaria to find a mythical artifact that grants immortality. 

With the nice visuals comes a nice little story to get you interested in the world and its characters. It is truly an interesting little game to get the youngest players interested in the world of RPGs and it might even bring enjoyment to the experienced players. 

From one adventure to the next, we take the portal taking us to Georifters, an exciting new action platformer that defines the meaning of messing with your friends. 

The title has an interesting story that has you and your buddies going around collecting mysterious crystals, completing complicated puzzles and using your special abilities to trap your friends in the ground just because you can. 

You have a variety of characters at your disposal that can affect and move the level around in different ways, the ultimate goal of that being to work together and collect the crystals in record time, but let's face it - most people who play the game will just find ways to put their friends in impossible situations to amuse themselves. 

If you are not one of those however, the interesting story and characters are there to give you a fun singleplayer or multiplayer experience.

JanduSoft S.L. Indiecalypes trailer screenshot Being Indie is hard work

And the next adventure we will embark upon is Indiecalypse, and boy oh boy, is it an adventure to behold. Loosely based on real events, the game has you experience what it feels like being an indie developer. Well, sort of.

It is calk full of “games” you play as you go through the story, based off many popular indie games, and it uses that as a vehicle to deliver the harsh reality of what it feels dodging copyright and trying to make it in the indie world. 

Telling an interesting and gruesome story filled with profanity and using so many game mechanics might make you forget what you are actually playing at times though, so the only suggestion is to play the game and see what you think.

Now, if you prefer the visuals to the story, The Last Scape might be a pick for you - a beautiful end emerging world which is there mostly for its stellar looks.

The title is structured around you flying around and exploring the massive rendered representation of a beautiful landscape. It is a chill game in which you can relax as you explore a virtual world with stunning graphics. 

Killmonday Games AB Little Misfortune cover image Little Misfortune goes a long way

And lastly, we come to the last game of the month, Little Misfortune - a story-driven title with a mix of sweet and sour to finish the day leaving you unsure if your actions were the right ones. 

You take on to a new adventure playing as Misfortune Ramirez Hernandez to find the gift of eternal happiness for your mommy, but the world is not as nice as it seems.

The duality of the game and mixing the sweet nature of the mission with the ominous reality of the world, along with your new friend, the voice that accompanies you throughout the game, makes for an interesting play no matter what you may be expecting of the story.

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